Race Documents

Sailing Instructions (posted 5/3/17)
SI Amendment #1 (posted 5/5/17)
SI Amendment #2 (posted 5/5/17)
SI Amendment #4 (posted 5/6/17)
SI Amendment #5 (posted 5/7/17)
Yachting Cup Class Breaks (posted 5/4/17)
Ton Cup Class Breaks (posted 5/4/17)
Notice of Race (posted 2/17/17)
NOR Amendment #1 (posted 5/3/17)
NOR Amendment #2 (posted 5/3/17)

Berthing and Storage

San Diego Yacht Club is pleased to offer free mooring at our docks to all registered Yachting Cup competitors whose yacht's home port is outside of San Diego. Free mooring will begin on Saturday April 29 and go through Wednesday May 10. Boats must register with Ty Olsen prior to April 17 to ensure dock space.

Each registered yacht that is not of SDYC registry will receive a parking pass that will entitle one vehicle to park in the SDYC lot from April 29 through May 10th, space permitting. SDYC will attempt to make available parking lot space for race boats with equipment trailers 26' and shorter. SDYC will attempt to make available parking lot space for trailer-able boats to store their boat trailers.

Boats wishing to arrive before April 29 or stay later than May 10 must contact the SDYC Dockmaster for availability and payment.


Handicap scoring for PHRF Corrected time = Time on Distance
Handicap scoring for ORR Corrected time = elapsed time x TCC
A total of eigth races are scheduled for Friday through Sunday.
Three completed races will constitute a series; a boat's worse score will be excluded when four or more races are completed.
Results will be pulished after racing each day.